Broadband Reseller

Provide EFM, GEA & Fibre Leased Lines to your customers. Our broadband reseller platform allows you to operate as a virtual ISP. You have full control over your orders from the moment you place them including the ability to track the progress, make changes in real time, and diagnose faults. Everything you interact with, including our network and control panel is the result of thousands of development hours and investments made by T8lk.

Support & manage your customers


Wholesale broadband pricing

Run your own ISP

Powerful real time diagnostics

EFM, GEA & Fibre Leased Lines

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Support Your Own Customers

We will give you all the tools and diagnostics you need to be able to provide meaningful first line support to your clients.

Line Mangement

From the moment you place an order you have the ability to track the progress, make changes in real time, and diagnose faults.

Set Your Own Prices

We have made sure that our platform is as flexible as it can be allow you to sell these services as you wish. We do not dictate your retail price.

Extra Controls

You have extra control of the line such as from barring all outbound calls, or partially restrict with just international or mobile barring.

Wholesale ADSL and fibre

You can sell a complete portfolio of wholesale broadband packages to your customers, these include ADSL, FTTC and FTTP products.

Multiple Carriers

We supply connectivity through BT Wholesale and LLU carriers. This allows our resellers the flexibility to offer choice to their customers.

How we work
We like to make it easy for resellers such as yourself to get going and to start providing their customers with a new level of support and products. We’ve refined our process to make sure we’re exactly what you need.
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Account Setup

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Free Training

We'll give you one-to-one training so you can hit the ground running.

Have a Go

Provision new lines and connections for your customers.


You'll still be 1st line support to your customers.


We bill you, leaving you to work with your customers.