Telecoms Reseller

Provide your own phone lines to your customers. Your customers look to you at the very moment anything goes wrong, this is why we believe in providing beginning to end products to make sure we have full visibility over connections and more importantly proactively recognizing and diagnosing faults.


With T8lk lines you can provision, modify and fault diagnose directly from our platform, we have direct links into Openreach systems so that we can have full control over the line in the same way that Openreach does. Not only does this make it quicker for us to order and fault find, it also makes it easier for you to support you customers and meet your SLA’s.

Openreach supplied and supported

Invoice your own clients

Fully itemised billing

Sell ADSL, FTTC, FTTP & Leased Lines

Install and transfer phone lines

Graphical statistics and interrogation

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WLR3 Openreach Phone Lines

Our lines are based on the latest WLR3 standard from Openreach, from new installations to the transfers of existing PSTN and ISDN lines.

Design Your Own Tariffs

We have designed a very unique method of billing resellers which allows you to compete on price, and not be hindered by our own margins.

Itemised Billing As Standard

It helps cut down paper waste, and ensures you don't need to spend money on expensive third party applications to analyse and calls.

Fault Diagnostics

We operate on level terms with much larger competitors including accessing appointments, diagnostics and fixing faults.

Broadband Reseller Included

This gives you the ability to sell premium broadband solutions to your customers alongside your existing phone lines

Line Controls

You have extra control of the line such as from barring all outbound calls, or partially restrict with just international or mobile barring.

How we work
We like to make it easy for resellers such as yourself to get going and to start providing their customers with a new level of support and products. We’ve refined our process to make sure we’re exactly what you need.
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