Leased Line Reseller

Provide Leased lines to your customers. Leased lines have presented an area of significant growth for our resellers. Falling rental costs coupled with resellers demanding higher speeds and greater reliability, have sparked a boom in sales. To help cater for this growth T8lk have developed tools to ensure that you can access competitive wholesale prices in seconds, generate quotes to your customers with ease, as well as the ability to order and track orders with absolute confidence of its progress.

Instantly generate quotes

Free routers configured and supplied

Place and track orders online

24 hour emergency support

Set your own retail prices

Access wholesale pricing

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No Usage Restrictions

Leased lines are supplied without any form of traffic restriction or usage limit. You can download at full speed all day, every day.

Delivering High Speeds

If you have a requirement for high speed you can't get any faster or more consistent speed other than via a leased line.

Proactive Monitoring

As standard we proactively monitor your connections. Alerts are sent to T8lk staff via SMS, and these can be reciprocated to your staff too.

Future Proof

With our fibre leased lines we can provide a large bearer to provide you with faster speeds capacity to expand in the future.

Service Level Agreement

Service level agreements are in place to ensure that regardless of the fault, or time of day, you will have members of staff from both T8lk.

Multiple Suppliers

Our primary carrier of choice is BT Wholesale. We also have partnered with TalkTalk business and Virgin Media to provide a unique complementary service.

How we work
We like to make it easy for resellers such as yourself to get going and to start providing their customers with a new level of support and products. We’ve refined our process to make sure we’re exactly what you need.
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